Whose Flesh is Flame, Whose Bone is TimeFrom the coal country of Western Pennsylvania, to Camorra-ridden Naples, to the streets of Damascus before the outbreak of civil war, the lyric poems in this collection chart the complexities of national and intimate identity. By turns playful, lamenting, skeptical, bawdy, and aggrieved, they find the human fingerprint below history’s erasures, ultimately praising the endurance of the soul “so ample that, if that is all there is,/ she makes a feast of thorns.”

Nostos“With immense poetic verve, Pelizzon finds flamboyance in places where it has been forgotten and brings it back to vivid life — and she sees it for what it is. Her vision is then both passionate and dispassionate at the same time, a maturity of perspective that is just one of the many accomplishments of this superb first book.”–Andrew Hudgins, Hollis Summers Prize judge

“Everything about [Nostos] points to a seasoned, mature voice, a sense of craft that is stunning in its expertise. Beginning with the first poem, the reader is consistently challenged on an intellectual and emotional level – and consistently satisfied with the ambitious breadth and depth of these wonderful poems.”
– Jan Beatty, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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Tabloid, Inc.: Crimes, Newspapers, Narratives“How is it that tabloids still seem trashy while crime films like The Public Enemy and Double Indemnity look artier by the year? Pelizzon and West have tackled this and other stubborn intermedial questions by examining tabloid reporting and Hollywood crime films side by side. Their ingenious approach, the diligence of their historical and textual research, and their coinage of narrative mobility to frame the process by which American cinema and other media appropriated sensationalist journalism in the 1920s and 1930s (and beyond) will prove invaluable to critics and theorists wishing to address intermedia adaptation without slighting the political questions of class and taste.”
—Paul Young, English and Film Studies, Vanderbilt University


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